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Global warming,carbon dioxide and tipping points

The forgotten solution: Carbon sequestration

Charcoal in soil, alo known as Terra preta, Terra preta do Indio, Terra preta nova, Bio-char, has proven to have many benefits.

  • Regarding to its reactivty, carbon exists in nature in three functionally different types.
    1. The type that easily emit energy, as gasoline crude oil or petroleum gas.
    2. The type that only give away energy if it is heated, as diamonds, charcoal or fossil coal (bitumene, anthracite and the like)
    3. The type that doesn't react unless energy is added, as carbon dioxide
  • Today (2008), the carbon dioxide concentration in the amosphere is about 385 ppm. A relatively safe level is estimated by James Hansen & al. to be less than 350 ppm.
  • Tipping points
    The amounts
    Emission reductions of any size, even a total stop, will never reduce the atmospheric carbon content
    But carbohydrates can be conserved, if they are converted to charcoal, which will last in the soil for 40,000 years or more.
    Charcoal in the soil also has a lot of benign effets on the soil:
    Charcoal production is an easy technique. It is well-known since the invention of fire.

    There are a lot of mehods

    Simple charring technique -- pictures
    Simple charring technique -- principles
    Here are the files:

    Carbon sequstration for everybody

    Powerpoint presentation

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