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  • Fil.kand (B.Sc.) in Chemistry, Zoology (Stockholm University), Limnology (Uppsala University) and Environmental Protection Science (Lund University).
  • Fil. Lic. (M.Sc) in Systems Ecology, Stockholm University. 'Self-organisation in systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium: Some clues to the structure and function of biological systems', 1994
  • Ph.D. student at Department of Systems Ecology Overall Title Of The Work: Ecological Adaptation of Human Settlements
    The work is set forth with a work aiming at a general understanding of the structure of living systems, especially at the ecosystem level and the development of nutrient recycling systems. It is proceeded with an investigation of the general structure of phosphorus fluxes in developed and urbanised countries, in which counterintuitive anomalies are studied, leading to 'time-bombs' of pollution and leakage.
    A later part discusses the structure, function and vulnerability of advanced agricultural systems.
    The last part ties the earlier parts together with a study of economic and other effects of the introduction of an 'ecomimetic' societal structure with less vulnerability, advanced cycling of nutrients and low vulnerability to increased energy prices.
  • A post-doctoral study will evaluate the possibilities to and methods for the introduction of the same structures in settlements as those that are known in maturing ecosystems.
  • Lecturer at Div. of Human Ecology, Lund University: Ecological and Physical Prerequisites for Human Support
  • Invited speaker at international academic conferences, e.g. Advances in Energy Studies: Ecology - Energy issues in Latin America. Unicamp, Campinas, SP, Brazil. June 15-19, 2004 and the Pio Manzù conference The soul of the Empire, Rimini, Italy, October 2005