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  • Working with computers since 1988 (TRASK at Dept. of Physics, SU).
  • Learning Fortran III and Basic IV In The 70-Ies.
  • Active participant in the Swedish KOM And COM networks during early 80-ies.
  • Experience of computing in the DOS, Windows and LINUX environments.
  • Experienced user of the Microsoft Office suite and several drawing programs as Corel Draw, PhotoShop.
  • Good experience in graphic design.
  • Using Microsoft Excel to construct large spreadsheets.
  • Webpage construction using Deramweaver or direct CSS (see this site!).
  • Using Linux daily
  • Daily user of Netscape Communicator, IE and other communication programmes, as Galeon and direct FTP.
  • Consturcting and teaching IT-distance learning courses at Div. of Human Ecology, LU.
  • Thorough experience of Adobe Photoshop and MS Powerpoint