Ruralisation, the opposite of urbanisation

This packet contains two files, one older, made in Windows Office 98, and one newer, made in Windows Office XP, for a conference in Campinas, Brasil on energy and sustainable development.
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They contain surveys over some of the worst threats to the sustainability of our society, as

  • fossil fuel depletion
  • decreased phosphorus access due to increasing energy prices, combined with losses due to linear flows
  • long and energy squandering food systems
  • agriculture that is used as a converter of fossil fuels into edible products


The 'ruralisation' scenario is used as an example of how these problems could be alleviated by a successive integration of agriculture and settlements

The larger file also contains a proposition how the integration between agriculture and settlements could be used to create an economically viable association

Audience: People interested in sustainability, fossil fuel depletion, societal planning, permaculture, and ecosystem development.

Price: € 12.
Larger file: 3.28 Mb, 67 slides. Made with Powerpoint of MS Office XP 2002.
Smaller file: 27 pages, 1.89 Mb. Made with Powerpoint of MS Office for Windows 98.
Approximate show time: The small file: About one hour, the larger: One and a half hour

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