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I have got a lot of appreciating mails regarding my homepage, but between the lines, I can understand that people do not find it easy to navigate among the increasing amount of pages.

Naturally, you can use the navigation list to the left to move from any page to nearly any other page with just one or two clicks of the mouse, but when you don't know where to go, it is of no need to get there fast.

Therefore, I am setting up some paths that leads you through the site, following certain items. I will add more paths as time goes on. Just follow the arrows, and it will be like a walk in the park.

After the tour, if you are interested in futher information, for a small fee (€ 10), you can get access to a page with more detailed information on the item, as more litterature (as pdf-s), more links, explaining texts, power-point presentations and possibilities to ask questions.

As a 'pathway student', you will also have full access to my written stuff.

Optionally, if you want to get further into the item, you can will have a small examination. You will get some quizz-questions, or the opportunity to write a small essay, which you can send to me for comments.

The first path is about thermodynamics. It might sound boring, but thermodynamics is the basic for all processes in the universe, including life processes as well as many other everyday events.

Understanding basic thermodynamics might thus be a clue to the understanding of not only 'natural', but also many economic and other social events.

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