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Ecological Adaptation by Human Settlements 

This is the title of my Ph.D. thesis. I try to find a way to unit basic thermodynamic and ecological principles and the construction of human settlements.

The wetpark at the Teknikum building, Kalmar Technical University

With the help of this pond-shore system, Teknikhuset (Technics Education Building) has become a net producer of clean water.


A pond system for the purification of stormwater from Kalmar hospital. 

Agenda 21

I have been the leader of the Town-and-Country part in the local Ag-21 group at Lund municipality. This has lead to the planning of an ecologically adapted settlement in the border of Lund.


This is a project with the aim to make an average Swedish municipality sustainable.

Alskog park

This is about making large greenhouses for visitors, together with the creation of a functioning self-sufficient society and several other demonstration items in sustainability.
The project is still in its cradle. It is founded by Hassela Gotland with assitance from Gotland University High School and the county administrative board of Gotland.


The folkewall

This project has resulted in the design of simple building-blocks to be used in building Sanitas-type wallls for a combined water purification, vertical growing and water-saving in dry climates. Also, a larger type is under production at Gotland, Sweden


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