The building of the double-cycle system

This project was made possible by a Leader+ project on Gotland.

Lennart Svärd and Folke Günther had already earlier a cooperation on the Concrete Sandwich living wall, and decided to develop it in the production on an extended project when Lennard moved his tepee and built a new house on a new site across the road

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In the spring 2005, the building project commenced. The soil layer was very thin, why it was decided to build a dam instead of just digging a depression.

As the outline was ready, it was covered with soft sand to protect the bentonite mat from protruding stones and twigs.

An unnecessarily large three-chamber well was inserted because of the urge of the local EPA

The very heavy bentonite mat was delivered by truck. In such times, it is good to have a lifting crane available.

After the bentonite mat was on the right place and the joint sealed with bentonite, all was covered with a 10 cm layer of gravel

The collection chamber was put in place, and the return pipe put into the bottom material.

As container tank for the collected urine, a milk tank of stainless steel was used. It was dug down close to the toilet.

The front of the wall was moulded to be placed along the house wall

As back side of the wall, the house wall was used. The house was protected with asphalt. The space between the front of the wall and the house was filled with Leca-pebbles when the bottom shelves of the containers were put in place.

A great inauguration ceremony was organised when the the main parts of the double-cycle system were in place

Except the two upper pictures, all the photos were taken by Lennart Svärd and Sonja Petterson

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