The first cycle of the water purification system

the double-cycle system in almeria, spain

The first cycle leads the water from the house between the folkewall and a two-chamber well and back again.
The turnower time of the first cycle is about three days.
When the water flows over, it goes either direct to the second cycle (if it is a large flow), or through the plantings on the patio to the second cycle.

The smaller, and faster, water cycle

  1. The top tank, that collects the water from the second cycle and deliver a small part to the house for grey water use. The larger part goes to the swimming pool, and later to the garden walls.
  2. The living walls, where the plants purify the water and produce edible vegetables.
  3. The recycling well, where the water from the walls is collected in the left chamber. The owerflow goes through the patio plantation (4) to the garden walls in the second cycle (5), but most goes back to the right chamber for another cycle.
    In the right chamber of the recycling well, the water from the house and rainwater from the roof are collected. From this chamber, the water is pumped back to the living walls with a solar driven pump.
  4. The growing tray for the patio plants. Owerflow water from the recycling well waters the plants (grapes, jasmine and other trailing plants shading the patio) in the trough before it goes on to the garden walls.
  5. The reception well of a garden wall is situated lower than the bottom of the recycling well. Through this, the water passes on to the second cycle.

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