The garden walls of the water purification system

the double-cycle system in almeria, spain

After the release of the excess clean water from the top tank (a), the water goes too the pool system, the pool (2) and tub (3).
It takes about a fortnight to completely exchange the water in the pool system.

By this, it also works as a swimming pool purification system!

  1. A border wall
  2. The tub
  3. The pool
  4. The first garden wall

  1. Water from the top tank
  2. Overflow water from the tub
  3. Overflow water from the pool

After the visit in the pool system, the water flows on to the uppermost garden wall (4).

The smaller, and faster, water cycle

The wall is an ordinary garden wall (1) with specially built pots (2) inserted. The pots are connected with the water trickling through the gravel behind the front wall with a system of plastic sheets.

When the water has passed a pot, it goes either on to the next pot, or is collected in the reception well (3), from which it is pumped back to the inlet of the wall or goes on to the next wall (4) in the second cycle.

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