The double-cycle water purification system

the double-cycle system in a dry climate: almeria, spain

In order to get a water purification system that

  • avoids the MIFSLA syndrome
  • purify the only water fraction that is necessary to purify, i.e. the grey water
  • is relatively cheap and easy to install
  • is compatible with a decentralized habitation pattern
  • utilizes the local water supply only to avoid salination

the double cycle system was adapted to the half desert climate in Mojacar, Almeria, Spain.

The double cycle system is a combination of a living wall (or folkewall) system and a wetpark system.

It builds on some basic principles:

  1. that the water is not polluted more than necessary, i.e. urine and faeces are taken care of separately, with a source-separating toilet
  2. that the most polluted water is circulated several times in an intense biological environment before it flows over
  3. to a larger system with slower circulation

To avoid unnecessary evaporation, the Spanish system uses a garden wall system instead of the ponds used on Gotland.

The system is still under construction, and is expected to be finished in spring 2008, why pictures of the complete systen are not yet available.

The first cycle leads the water from the house to the well below the patio, up through the living wall systen on the south side of the house, back to the well again. When the well flows over, the water goes to

The second cycle, that leads the water from the first cycle through the swimming pool to a system of cultivated walls . From a collection tank (Tank 2), the water is pumped up to the top tank.

In addition to the greywater purification, the second cycle therefore works as a biological swimming pool purification system!

A top tank, (Tank 1) that collects all the water from the second cycle and returns most of it , but deliver a smaller part of the water to the house, to be used as as grey water, later forwarded to the first cycle

If you want me to make a similar system at your place, please contact me !

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