The double-cycle wayer purification system

the second, large cycle of the double-cycle system

The second cycle takes the water from the top tank (1), through the pools (2), and through the three garden walls (3).

In the garden walls, the water is purified by the vegetation sitting in the pockets in the wall.

After the passage of the walls, the water is collected in a large underground cistern (4), for a subsequent transportation by a solar-driven pump to the top tank (1), to the next round through the system.

The turnover of the larger system is about 50 days, which means that the same water will pass the plants in the walls about seven times a year.

For its function, the system needs only two solar driven pumps, one in the first cycle system (1), and another in the second cycle. The size of the pumps are almost the same. The difference in cycling time is because of the difference in water volume of the two cycles.

  1. In the top tank, a final purification with charcoal is done. The tank works as a buffer for the water use in the house (5). It holds about 2 cubic metres. The owerflow passes on to the
  2. ... pool and tub, which starts the second cycle and therefore holds the cleanest water in the cycle. By the flow, the water is exchanged about every fortnight.
    After the visit in the pool, the water goes on to
  3. the garden walls, through which the water passes. The flow of water provides the plants growing in the pockets in the walls with moisture and nutrients, at the same time as they purifies the water.
  4. In the end, the water is collected in a large (125 cu. m.) tank, from which it is pumped up to the top tank, using a solar driven pump, for a new cycle.

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