The double-cycle water purification system

the top tank of the double-cycle system

The function of the top tank is to
  • Make a final purification with active charcoal of the water from the second cycle
  • Function as a buffer tank for the household water use
  • To collect the water after the charcoal purification
  • To release most of the purified water to the swimming pool, to be forwarded to the second cycle
  1. Water storage tank, about 3 cubic meters
  2. Charcoal filtering tank
  3. Charcoal filter
  1. Water pumped in from the second cycle
  2. Water leaving the charcoal tank to the storage tank
  3. Water from storage tank to house
  4. Water from storage tank to second cycle
  5. Drainage taphole
  6. Water to the bottom of the charcoal bed
  7. Sand filter
  8. Charcoal
By this, the top tank works as an inlet to both the first and the second cycle

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