The wetpark at Teknikhuset

Kalmar Technical High School

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Wetpark, facing north. In the background the Technical High
school building that is served by the wetpark

Wetpark, seen from the centre, facing south

This plant was designed anc constructed in 1995-1996. It serves a Technical high school building "Teknikum" with about 500 students.
The building is equipped wtih source separating toilets and worm-composting units for faeces digestion. The urine is transported to a local agriculture.
The plant is continuously harvested to maintain its purification capacity.

The water from the building is solely grey water. After purification in the wetpark, it is used in the building again.

Rain water from the roof is lead to the wetpark as well. This constitures an excess of about 700 cubic meters clean water per year.
Thus, this building with it's wetpark is a net producer of clean water!



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