Courses of lectures

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With 'Courses of lectures' I mean longer and more detailed studies in one of several of the items discussed under 'lectures'.

They can be separate courses, shorter (= day) or longer (= week), or parts of other syllabuses.

Examples of such courses are:

The thermodynamic background to the origin of life.
The maturation of ecosystems and the background of ecological succession.
Mankind's dependence on cheap energy:
How this have changed the society.
The risk for energy depletion:
The Hubbert curve and the Big Rollover.

What will happen in a state of energy depletion?
- vulnerability and energy use.
Are the calculations reliable?
Will energy efficient engines be a solution?
- Jevon's paradox
Are there alternatives?
Can we keep our energy use up with other metods than fossil fuels?
Is there some energy use we can reduce?

Plant nutrients, the base of our society
How do we manage them, are there possibilities to improve the methods?
The HEAP effect.
Från linear flows to recycling.

The change of agricultural structure from pre-industrial time to present.
What is agricultural improvement?
Is GMO dangerous?
Are there other possible food systems than those we are accustomed to today?
Are there possibilities to increase the profitability in agriculture at the same time as the food will be cheaper for the consumer?
Water purification:
What is the performance of the present system? HEAP and MIFSLA.
What are source separating toilets, and how do they work?
Are there other metods to get clean water?
How efficient are the biological methods?
Sustainable urban development:
How can a sustainable city/ municipality look like?
Which are the basic requirement for sustainability?
Urban and Rurik - lifestyle and sustainability.

Permaculture - from garden to lifestyle:
What is permaculture? Definitions.
Permaculture and sustainability.
What are the methods of ecosystems?
Methods for different scales - from flower-pot to municipality

I also give IT-based distance courses, or aid with the construction / construct new
I also give courses in / aid with, the construction of netsites