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In order to maintain this site, I take a small charge for some of the downloads.


You will be transferred to the PayPal site, make the payment with your credit card, in the value of your preference, and then brought back to download the file(s) of your preference.

The prices are set in Euro, but you can pay in Dollar, Yen or whatever you want

Should there be problems of any kind, dont't hesitate to mail me!


Articles, any you want, € 10.

Here, you can download whatever you want of my written stuff.
You can download them as .pdf files. If you want any of those that not are linked, please mail me, so I can send them as regular post.
The cost for access to the download page is € 10.

See the titles!

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Power-point presentations

For people wanting to use them in educational or similar circumstances.

The PowerPoint presentations are made mostly in MS Office XP, which means that some of their features does not work in earlier versions. You are free to use them wholly or partially. (Of course, I will be obliged if you refer to me.)

The presentations are largely self-going. However, a small dot in the right lower corner of the pictures tells you when the program waits for a click.

Environmental Ethics, € 10.

This presentation explains the why´s and how´s of human relations to the rest of Nature based of common sense and thermodynamics. No religious stuff is involved, almost not even ethics, although the conclusions could be described as 'ethical'.


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Self-organization, causes and consequences, € 10.

Here, the most common, yet neglected, type of organization on Earth (and even the rest of the universe) is explained. The consequences of the world-view that emanates from this understanding are discussed.


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Ruralisation, the opposite of urbanisation,
€ 12, two files.

Ruralisation can be an efficiient way of transforming the problems a normal city has in respect of sustainability into an area that actually has a positive impact on ecosystems. Two files are included in this packet, the 'classical' one made for W 98, and a newer and larger, made for W XP.


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How to save the world with used tires and old plastic bags,
€ 10

A complete description of the how's and why's of building a cheap living wall from tires and cut-open fertilizer bags.
pdf-file, 9,2 MB

Extra! The first five who send me pictures on their own folkewall projects will be refunded!


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