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A a by-product of the work with Holon, I have come to help people with homepage construction.

Examples of this is, beside this netsite, LUFS netsite and the netsite of Swedish permaculture association
The last mentioned is on 1,2 MB, my owvn slightly more than 125 MB. The size doesn't matter!

Look at Alfred E Neumanns homepage! It could be your own!

I don't use any specially advanced technique. I consider the web-pedagogy the most important. On the other hand, I control that the html-language is compatible with the mmore commom browsers, e.g. Netscape, IE, Mozilla, and aplly to W3org-standards.

I can help you with the construction of your own site. You will also have a short introduction to how you use it and update it.
I can also take care of the updating if you give me the material and tell me what you want updated.

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