The carrying capacity for humans

without fossil fuels

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The diagram (from the logexp page) gives an impression of the influence of fossil fuels on the population of humans on the planet Earth. A large part of the effects come from the industrialisation of agriculture, i.e. we have learned to convert fossil fuels into food by the use og fossil fuels, and from the easy access of fossil energy, a situation that soon will change.

Suppose we 'think away' the use of fossil fuels, but we assume that the humans become wiser, i.e. we have learnt to take more care of the Earth and the soil by different methods, thus increasing the carrying capacity in the same rate as in pre-industrial time from the 14:th century (red line).

In that case, the carrying capacity of today would be between one and two billions.

However, overshoot tend to degrade the supporting ecosystem. See the story about the Kaibab deer!

Thus, it is not sure that the carrying capacity of the planet after the oil crash will even reach 1.5 billion people.

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