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The concept of permaculture has been described many times on the net, e.g. by:

Andrew Jeeves
Steve Diver, Anne Fairchild
Geoff Lawton
Larry Santoyo
April Sampson-Kelly

A common denominator of all these descriptions of permaculture is, to my understanding

The construction of maturing ecosystems with human beings as supportive parts
This lifts permaculture from being a nicety to being a survival necessity.
By that, for the first time in the history of the human species, the human population could consciously be a supportive part of the system that supports it!
Permaculture in a garden Comparison permaculture/ non-permaculture garden
Water purification using permaculture methods In a humid climates
In an arid climate or a greenhouse
To be useful for your ecosystem, you don't need to be labelled 'permaculture', look for example at the Fukuoka website (The one-straw revolution), or join its discussion page

More permaculture links:

The permaculture magazine

Permaculture net

Permaculture association



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My small garden with permaculture

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