folkewall from standard stones

flexible and easy to build, but needs preliminaries

If you make a standardized type of block, you can easily build a wall of any size.

The double sided wall is made from blocks that are not fixed with mortar, but can easily be taken apart , moved and rebuilt on another place.

The single-sided version is aimed to be put up on a wall. It consists of two types of stones, and is fixed to the wall with special corbels.

Below all types of folkewalls is a container for purified water. This water can be used for domestic purpuses and/or pumped back into the wall for further purification.

To build a tapered double sided wall from standard stones, you fill the space between the blocks with LECA or gravel, and add a sheet of plastic between the lower layers, in order to convey the water in a zigzag pattern even when the blocks are not in direct contact with each other.

The stones

To make a double sided wall with straight sides, you need two sizes of stones, the standard stone and the halfstone. Otherwise, the side of the wall will be jagged.

Standard stone

Half stone

If you want to make a single sided wall, you need four types of stones, in order to get smooth sides.

The wallstones are placed between the standard stones and the wall, in order to bring back the water to the stone below.

The packet of stones are hold to the wall by specially inserted corbels

Standard stone

Half stone


Half wallstone

A complete block-casting instruction will soon be available

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