Sandwich concrete folkewall

versatile, easily installed, expensive and heavy

This type of folkewall is made from two large plates, 2 x 2.5 m, of concrete.

The plant growing pockets are inserted in holes in the concrete.

The water is forced to percolate in a zigzag pattern by the different positions of the holes in the slabs that form the bottoms of the growing pockets.

The front and back are made of 6 cm reinforced concrete.

The back side is made in the same mould, but the holes are filled to the half with concrete.

The holes for the pockets are placed so the water that spills over from one level will be taken up by the level below.

This is the single-sided version. Plants are grown in the pockets, and the water is conveyed in a zigzag pattern in the body of the wall.

The plant growing pockets are made of conrete slabs with holes placed in the front and back in the compartment between the front and back side of the wall.

They can be retracted and insert during construction. After installation, when the intermediate compartment is filled with LECA, it is not possible. The slab fronts, however, can be removed anytime.

In this model, the pocket fronts are made of concrete, but fronts of durable wood are considered.

After installation the plants are planted in the inert material in the pockets. The roots of the plants grows into the medium between the front and back of the wall.

This proptotype model will be put into a building in Klintehamn , Gotland, Sweden

The water circulation system is outlined in the left picture

A folkewall raised at Klintehamn in May 2005.

It works as a purification device for a fish pond.

The planting is still makeshift, and will be completed during the summer.


A double sided version will be produced during the autumn



Single sided:

Height: 2 m.
Width: 2.5 m.
Weight: about 300 kg without filling.
Planting area: 14,300 cm2
Preliminary price: € 2,000

Double sided:

Height: 2 m.
Width: 2.5 m.
Weight: about 500 kg without filling.
Planting area: 28,600 cm2
Preliminary price: € 3,000

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