folkewall made from worn out tires and plastic bags

cheap, easy built, rather ugly

This type of folkewall is made from worn out tires and used plastic bags.

The plant growing pockets are in the cut out tops of the lying tires.

The water is forced to percolate in a zigzag pattern by plastic sheets placed within the space if the tires.

The wall is made from sand or gravel-filled refuse tires. The water is brought to percolate in a zigzag pattern by the insertion of plastic sheets (e.g. from fertilizer bags) in the inert medium.

The plants grow in the pockets that forms in the enlarged holes in the tires. They are fed by the nutrients in the greywater.

After the passage of the wall, the greywater is collected and pumped up for another passage, or for return to the house.

In the single-sided version, the top of the tires is cut-out to give place for the plants. The tire is filled with an intert medium of coarse sand, gravel or LECA pebbles. In the front, where the plants grows, the medium is fine-grained, to encourage capillary suction.

The tires cut for a double-sided wall only differ from those of the single-sided in that they are cut out on both sides, and the plastic sheet is also sloping at both sides

Under the first layer, a bottom for the reception of the water is made.

A layer of plastic sheets steers the water to one direction.

At the top of the tire-wall, a pipe for the inflowing water is made.

This pipe is covered with gravel and planted too.


A complete description of the why's and how's to make a folkewall from old tires and plastic bags!

Extra! The first five who send me pictures on thier own folkewall projects will be refunded!


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